Dear parents,

cutting and sticking is fun, and it also helps our little ones to make a big step of development concerning fine motor manipulations and spatial sense. Handicrafting gives our kids a sentience for working with materials that will also play a role during their kindergarden and school days.

Help your child to become creative! All you need to get started is a printer a cutter and glue !


CAMY and friends proffers downloadable PDF cut-out sheet, for you and your child to enjoy. Don't hesitate! It's educational fun, as security is such a big and important subject nowadays. It is inevitable to make it possible for our youngest to associate positive things and emotions with surveillance cameras, as they will learn to accept them as major additives. Once they acclaimed them they most likely might not get into tricky situations with the government's authorities that often.

Make your choice out of this childfriendly patterns. If you want to get the hole mass of creativity-flow for you and your little one, do not hesitate to choose our blank edition...

If you got any questions concerning CAMY and friends feel free to contact us at anytime. If you might need any further contact information go for our Impressum.